Being born in France and being there for years as a child didn’t take any of the charm or beauty away from this vacation. This is a map of our travels and the names of the places we visited. Below you’ll find pictures and commentary.


Here are photos that correspond with each visit and below the gallery is a more complete explanation.


During our quick stay in Paris (approx. a day and a half) we were able to visit the Eiffel Tower, Sacré-Cœur, Notre Dame, Le Louvre, Arc de Triomphe, Champs-Élysées and Place de la Concorde. It was extremely efficient and cost effective to take the Metro from one location to the next. We did have someone with us that knew Paris well so we didn’t have to fumble trying to plan our routes but even without knowing Paris, it is moderately easy to get around. With a little help from the weather and a bit of luck we were even able to get to the top floor of the Eiffel Tower with very little wait. When people think it’s going to rain, they shy away from visiting it so you could save yourself hours in line by choosing the right day and time. We stayed in Paris in a tiny apartment that we booked through AirBNB which worked out just fine and was much cheaper than booking a hotel. Check it out here.


The picture you see of Normandy is a tiny village called Villeray where my grandfather lived and I spent many childhood summers. The castle in the photo is the Château de Villeray which is now a hotel and spa.


This region of France is one of the most beautiful and fruitful in France. Stunning mountain vistas and endless vineyards on hillsides are picture perfect and have lots of tastings called ‘demonstrations’. This is also where some of the worlds best chocolatiers operate and where truffles are grown.


A charming little village with an incredible riverside view of cliffside houses built right into the rock. Take a short walk around the village and you will up at one of its many ice cream vendors to help cool down during the hot summer months


A tiny little village with nothing to do except for admire the views. If you are staying in Peymeinade I would recommend taking a taxi to the top and walking down through the pedestrian trails.


Nice is a beautiful and classic city in France. The main courtyard is impressive and so Apis the water display in the centre. Transportation is great and simple and keep an eye out for the grassy railroad tracks as under them flows a covered up river meant to keep everyone connect.


Everyone knows Cannes is the film capital of the world but most people don’t know that it is also a city of beautiful beaches and great wealth.


The richest tiny country in the world, Monaco is filled with luxurious cars, stores, beautiful women and giant yachts from oil rich Arabic countries. The amount of money here will make you sick.


While the exotic garden was like every front yard here in Phoenix filled with cacti and spiky plants, the view is absolutely spectacular. The tiny village is filled with art and tourism shops and a few nice places to grab some refreshments.


A small little village less than 20 miles from the beach and from Spain. I loved the wild almonds and blackberries growing along the roads and beautiful scenic views of vineyards and lush green hills.

St. Martin du Canigou

This incredible monastery built on a rock face in the mountains is simply breathtaking and truly a wonder. A mildly difficult hour long hike is undoubtedly worth the reward.

Aneliese Roettger

Began modeling for the hit hispanic TV show Estudio 2.
Cover of Centro Deportivo.
Al Extremo (2 episodes)
12 Corazones (3 episodes)
Playboy TV’s Foursome
Cinemax’s Life On Top
It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia
Movies – The Virgin Murders, Hollywood Sex Wars, Paranormal Whacktivity
Danced in music videos for Lil Wayne and Marilyn Manson
Theater – The Vagina Monologues (Woman #1), And the Mob Goes Round (Babyface)
Home Fur Good



I had high expectations for my first cruise. My mind had visualized a giant boat where I could breath the fresh ocean air from the railing overlooking the endless sea while feeling and smelling the cool breeze of the mighty ocean. With that said, it didn’t quite end up like that. We took a bus from the Orlando airport which drove us to Port Canaveral where we went into boarding our might ship. The entry wait wasn’t bad at all, similar to going through airport security the port security was quick and painless leaving us antsy to get a look at the insides of our home for the next 4 days.

Once inside I was surprise at the size. It wasn’t as big as I had imagined. Visions from the Titanic were far off from the small lobby and motel looking hallways. The first encounter after boarding was a booth where passes were sold for alcohol. They charged about $225 per person for 15 drinks per day for 4 days. However, they required everyone in the same room to get the pass. We went for it and made sure we made our moneys worth. We had tried to stash some bottles of wine in our checked bags however once our bags arrived they came with a note from port security saying they had confiscated our bottles until the end of our cruise. They did however allow 1 bottle of wine in your carry on bag.


The food was buffet style for breakfast and lunch and dinner was served at a specific time everyday and where you were seated at a large round table with the same group of people for the duration of your cruise. The breakfast food was pretty bad.. don’t get me wrong I still made the best of it with custom made omelettes and all of the breakfast additions and unlimited coffee. Lunch had choices of your typical American food such as burgers, hot dogs, fries, with an Asian wok station, pizza, desserts and other random foods all at a very mediocre buffet quality. For dinner you would choose from a short menu what you were to eat and of course you can choose one of everything if you want to. Out of the steak, lobster, soups, salads and desserts only a few of the dishes were actually memorable. Overall I would call it disappointing.

Thankfully there were plenty of other amenities to keep us busy. We played a round of mini golf, hit the Jacuzzi, comedy club, bars and of course the casino. Our first stop at Freeport was okay. They took us to a semi private beach where we were able to lay out, snorkel, kayak, paddle board.. I went snorkeling but there wasn’t much to see. They sponsored activities like flip cup and sand volleyball which were fun.Reef Shark

Our other stop was Nassau where we were able to buy souvenirs and I also went to scuba in the morning. We went to 2 sunken ships sites, one which was accompanied to 10 ft reef sharks which were awesome to see. That alone made the trip.

I would definitely do another cruise but definitely a different, larger ship and another destination.